Wedding Photographer

10 years experience in wedding photography
have worked in
10 countries around the world
capturing more then
250 wedding

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Best Wedding Photos

When seeing my photos some people say they can smell the flowers from the church, hear the magical ‘I do’ at the altar and feel the passion in the air when they see the newlyweds kissing in the middle of a corn field like nothing else matters anymore. Or getting soaked under the dark stormy skies.

Full of love

Wedding Stories

The formula of Love are different. Some love quietly and shyly, others – loudly and bravely.

For some loving the other person means accepting them with all their faults whilst the other chooses to ignore these faults. Every couple who has trusted me to immortalise their special day in front of their friends, family and God by reciting their vows, could tell their unique tale of love. About the chemistry, respect, passion, habits, trust and butterflies…

I am to catch this story in moments, feel it in emotions and show it in my photographs


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